Welcome to CityRoamer

CityRoamer is the one-stop destination for events. We strive to list Ashburn events in a simple, visual format. It is a convenient resource to see what is going on in the city on your laptop, mobile device or tablet. Not only does CityRoamer show you the events that you could attend, but it can direct you there too. Based on your location, CityRoamer helps you discover local events happening nearby.

CityRoamer encourages you to contribute your input on the region's happenings; Together we can make Ashburn more roamable.

How it works

Following the selection of your city; proceed to search events and provide your preferred neighbourhood or address starting location, then pick the types of events you are interested in. CityRoamer maps the events specific to your taste. It provides detailed information of the events as well as directions to or from your relative location. Your location may be auto-detected, but you have the ability to specify an address or drag your location marker interactively on the map. All locations can be provided as an address/neighbourhood, event ID, latitude/longitude pair or left blank to indicate your location marker.