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Advanced search, list & map views.

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Simple, robust search capabilities.

Post Events/Headlines

Assign up to three categories, upload media & enable discussions.

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Never miss an event or appointment.

Create Personal Markers

Add a landmark, doctor, mechanic or POI instantly.

Share Personal Markers

"Join my party." or "He's an A+ mechanic."
Experience Your City

Elaborate Directions

"I'm lost, friend, get me directions."

Invite Friends

Manage your friends & settings, and begin sharing.

Broadcast to Friends (GPS)

"If you're nearby, visit me at the cafe."

Free, Convenient and Resourceful

Track Friends

"Where are you? Let's meet up."

Friend Notifications

Alert me of friends nearby. Start conversations, private message friends.

Auto Follow Friends in Real Time

Follow friends in map or street view. Join them on a walk, drive, bike or transit.
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