Post an Event

Login if you have a CityRoamer account or Signup fast and free, and enjoy the benefits of becoming a member on the CityRoamer social network. Post and promote events and local headlines or incidents for the public to see. CityRoamer provides all the tools, communications and notifications your audience needs. A short URL link via domain: is created for distribution of your event, and is SEO friendly. Create personal markers for your own reference and get elaborate directions to and from anywhere, conveniently. Manage your public events and personal markers anytime. CityRoamer is a free service, and provides strong security and privacy measures so that your information is safe.


Traveling and want to bookmark an address, your parked car, GPS location, deli or friend's home? CityRoamer will keep track of it for you. Invite friends, communicate in real time via private messaging, and share personal markers with them. Plus, add email reminders for events (venue time) or personal markers and appointments. Never forget where you parked, and easily locate places you want to visit now or in the future for a worry-free city roaming experience.


Visiting a city? Plan your trip and mark unique places, landmarks or events you saw or would like to see with reminders and you'll never miss them. Track friends and broadcast your location to them. See where your friends are situated, receive friend notifications when they are nearby, and meet them with ease using CityRoamer's convenient directions. You can automatically follow friends on the map or in street view, and see what they see in real time as they walk, bike, drive or transit. Anyone including tourists can appreciate this interactive resource.


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